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Landscape of the Automobile Industry


The car has always been the preferred commuting mode across the world. In the recent years, the automobile industry has witnessed an increased rise in the demand for luxury in cars i.e. High-End cars with sophisticated features. In short, there has been a rapid expansion of such cars in the market and the major challenge for the automobile companies is now on managing its worldwide dealers effectively. In this respect, enhancement of functionalities as well as support and maintenance rendered by Cubastion for the Oracle Siebel Dealer Management System exactly meet this need.


This case study explores how the enhancements, support and maintenance ensured by Cubastion for the Oracle Siebel DMS, implemented for managing the dealers of high-end cars for a reputed automobile company became a successful event.

Client Background
The company is an automobile company with a worldwide presence and famous for its luxurious cars. It currently employs millions of employees across multiple nations.

Need of Enhancements, Support & Maintenance in Oracle Siebel CRM
Automobile companies are now choosing the dealer management system solutions to get a competitive edge in the market as such solutions helps in managing various components in a dealership in an easy manner. Some of such components are finances, inventory, constancy and others. When the reputed automobile company contacted Cubastion to provide support and maintenance for their Siebel CRM software, we suggested a few enhancements to further increase the functionalities of Siebel CRM DMS implementation to which the automobile company readily agreed to ensure a fully managed dealership management system for its high-end cars round the clock.

List of Enhancements Done by Cubastion


      The few enhancements done by Cubastion in the existing Siebel CRM DMS implementation to cater the different phases of the automobile lifecycle are as follows:


    • Planning – Our expert professionals enhance planning in terms of fulfillment planning, production planning and an improved demand forecasting to help its client in ensuring a robust supply-chain planning.


    • Wholesale – We ensure an impressive wholesale order management, partner credit handling, scheme and discounts, billing, accounting as well as improved shipments to the dealers. This is a custom process that allows management of different schemes and discounts on wholesale orders based on credibility factor.


    • Retail Sales We create service modules to facilitate hassle-free retail sales by managing leads, retail consulting, management of customer orders and making the customer billing a seamless process.


    • After Sales – After sales service is crucial for making sure customers are fully satisfied with the high-end cars of the automobile company and we facilitate the same by letting the creation of job cards and administration of warranty. We also create modules for the handling of claims in an effortless manner as well as to ensure regular follow-ups and feedback from the customers.


  • Spare Management -We make the challenging task of inventory management an easy one with our expertise and ensuring their availability OTC (over the counter) for sale to the interested consumers or dealers.

Apart from the above enhancements, we also successfully integrated Tally with Siebel CRM DMS software to support the accounting system.
Reporting Tools added by Cubastion

Cubastion mainly added two types of reporting tools to the existing DMS software of the client and these are as follows:

    • Transactional Reporting – In this, Oracle Business Intelligence tool is successfully integrated to Siebel CRM DMS for getting embedded analytics for the creation of day-to-day reports on a real-time basis.


  • Analytical reporting – In this type of reporting, Qlick View, a flexible business intelligence platform is custom integrated with Siebel CRM DMS for the creation of analytical reports, indispensable for any business.


Multiple Benefits of Enhancements, Support & Maintenance by Cubastion


Our services largely aid in streamlining the entire process of dealership management of the client company. Not only the Oracle Siebel DMS software stay updated 24×7, but it is also without any technical glitches, which anyways help the client to execute its different processes within the software for a better management of its dealers across India.
The new enhancements paved the way for more customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by an improved planning and after sales services. These enhancements also make it easy for the client company to manage its dealers present all across the country.
The two types of reporting functionalities added by us also make them able to have new business insights, which prove valuable for increasing their overall revenues.


Moreover, the Tally integration with Siebel CRM DMS software ensures there is no redundancy in data entry and data reliability with the software is improved.


Cubastion also provides requisite training to the dealers to be well acquainted with the functionalities of the software so that they can use it in a hassle-free manner at their end.


In short, Cubastion once again proved that it is fully capable of delivering a fantastic client-centric performance with its expertise and years of experience in serving the automobile industry.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.