Giving you the power of choice, and the flexibility that comes with it.

Every now and then, you may have a requirement where you do not have continuous Siebel outsourcing needs, but at times do need external expertise and technical augmentation. Specificly designed for situations such as these, Cubastion can help you define an engagement with our on-demand service model.

Through our on-demand services proposition, we offer pre-committed hours for your organization’s on-demand needs. Contact us for your organization specific need and we will come up with a uniquely tailored program proposition for your needs.

While the minimum engagement commitments can be worked out mutually, our time can be utilized in a unique as-needed basis. This engagement model allows you to have a very flexible yet powerful CRM program that you can depend on.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.