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Landscape of Electronic Home & Industrial Appliances Industry  


The electronic home & industrial appliances industry has registered a sustained growth in the past few years. However, consumer expectation and need of more energy saving certified products have also increased manifold. A better customer service is the need of the hour to retain consumers. In this respect, the necessary developmental changes in the Siebel software, as well as the CTI tool and its successful integration with ERP by Cubastion team of developers, proves beneficial as it results in a seamless interaction between customers, technicians and customer care agents.


This case study explores how Cubastion has rolled out a successful integration of Siebel to CTI and SAP within a record time of just 120 days.


Client Background

The company is one of the largest electronics appliances brands of India with a vast network of over 1 lac Indian cities. It is also one of the premier brands, which is actively engaged in providing innovative engineering solutions. The brand is a trusted name in textile machinery, mining, and construction equipment.
Need of Siebel software implementation

The implementation of Siebel software was necessary to streamline business processes of the home and industry appliances company as well as to ensure an enhanced customer service. Cubastion is a Gold partner of Oracle Siebel and successfully integrated CTI and SAP with its Siebel version


Some of the key objectives of the client behind this major move were better communication with its existing dealers and customers across the country along with empowering its skilled technicians with mobile apps to meet their needs of mobility. The client was also interested in offering its customers an excellent customer service in a hassle-free manner. Earlier, its call center agents rendered the entire customer service without having a centralized data, which makes the customer experience non-satisfactory. Moreover, business processes between the client company and its franchisees were all manual, leaving ample scope for human errors and increase in operational cost.


Approach for Siebel Software Implementation

As soon as the UBPG Department of the reputed home and industry appliances company contacted Cubastion for its Siebel Software implementation, a skilled team of professionals quickly sprung into action. The team of professionals not only deployed Seibel software of version, but also integrated the CRM with CTI tool and client’s existing backend application SAP ECC 6.

Key Highlights of Siebel CRM Implementation by Cubastion

The entire service processes within the company get automated with the successful implementation of Siebel CRM with CTI and ERP. Apart from automation, the processes thus became more user-friendly and speedy, which was impossible without the able expertise of the good Cubastion team. Siebel CRM implementation encompassed several key highlights, which are listed as below:

CTI- There was a successful integration of Siebel CRM with Siebel CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).The middleware enables Siebel CRM to establish a robust connection with phone system of the client company.

ERP integration – Another major highlight was an integration of Siebel with the client’s back-end application SAP.

Mobile app for Technician – There was a development of a reliable mobile app for technicians to check the allocated service request, updated request, inventory management, providing service request receipt to the customer.

OBIEE Tool – Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) was incorporated into Siebel CRM software with SAP and CTI across the franchise network of the client to generate the required reports. The dedication of the Cubastion team brilliantly enhances reporting, which proves to become a great help for managers.

Benefits of the implemented CRM and Integration


      Our CRM implementation service facilitates effortless resolution of customer queries by pan- India franchisees of the client.


    • With the integration of Siebel CRM with CTI, agents can now send or receive voice calls as well as other communication functionalities right from their CRM software.


    • With CTI handling the call routing, there will be minimal call lag while resolving customer    queries, which results in happier customers and an enhanced brand image.


    • The implementation and integration also allow CTI hoteling, a state-of-the-art concept in which some agents can log in to the CTI system if required.


    • The mobile app integrated by the Cubastion professionals with the CRM empowers technicians to check any allocated service request, update a service request or check the inventory from anywhere. The   mobile app also allows them to produce a service request receipt to hand over the customer making the   service request.


    • The implementation also enables the client’s pan India franchisees to generate consumer bills, thus increasing their billing efficiency.


    • The implemented CRM with SAP integration streamlined the end-to-end payment processing within the company and its franchisees.


  • The incorporated reporting tool named OBIEE makes query analysis, reporting, and many other tasks easier by leveraging the power of business intelligence.


Lastly, through this entire project, Cubastion emerged out as a company that can deliver any complex project within a requisite timeframe by overcoming all the project hurdles via its experienced team and enthusiasm to serve its clients.

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