One of the most important cogs in the manufacturer’s CRM cycle.

DMS (dealer management system) is synonymous of CRM in manufacturing. Any successful (or one with that ambition) manufacturer would have a vast network of dealers or distributors – DMS therefore forms a critical component that must be properly aligned with the manufacturer’s business,

Create a unified view of your brand with the help of Cubastion’s DMS experience and expertise through standardization, enforcement and business intelligence.

  • Procure-to-pay (whole order management): This refers to the complete cycle of partner order management to OEM and seamless integration with the OEM core to enable quick turn-around, and complete visibility of the manufacturer’s business.
  • Cash-to-order (customer order management): Get 100% visibility of secondary sales data of your consumers.
  • Service: It may refer to the management of the exhaustive service processes of and industry such as Automotive manufacturing, or even to the voluminous prompt-service-response challenges faced by field service agents of a Consumer Durable Goods manufacturer. Cubastion offers exhaustive process experience for either of these implemented in Siebel.
  • Inventory Management: Get real time visibility for your inventory state and gain visibility into partner inventory. Also empower yourself with the ability to analyze inventory movement trends.
  • Marketing: Centralize your marketing management capabilities for budget management, collaborative marketing with partners, centralized and/or independent campaign design. Empower your Siebel marketing with Cubastion’s Social Media connector to offer an integrated marketing channel for your marketing team.

Talk to our DMS experts to discuss your companies unique business needs and we will align the appropriately experienced consultants for you.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.