Satyam Chugh asked 2 years ago
Title : BRM 7.5 ps 7 and unable to restart our dm_oracle

Question :

We are using BRM 7.5 ps 7 and unable to restart our dm_oracle and not able to understand the reason. Below is the snippet from dm_oracle.log file after debug level increased
starteddm_oracle at…
Fri Jan 15 02:54:31 PST 2016
DM: set dm_debug to 0xffffffff
DM: set dm_debug2 to 0xffffffff
DM: set dm_debug3 to 0xffffffff
DMm: 1288437760 bytes “left” for heaps
DMm: shmbase = 0x7f9d5df20000
DMm: shm_id = 2392079
DMm: shmsize = 3221225472 bytes
DMm: cleared shm
DMm: accept_token at 0x7f9d5df20090
DMm: DMfes at 0x7f9d5df20518
DMm: DMbes at 0x7f9d5df205b8
DMm: ctxs at 0x7f9d5df206b8, len 0xd800
DMm: heap blocks at 0x7f9d5df2e000
DMm: big at 0x7f9daabee000, left still 1288437760
DM(master – 2744): Could not initialize server socket
errno: 99
DM(master)(2744) got SIG 15…DM(master)(2744) goodbye

1 Answers
Umesh SharmaUmesh Sharma Staff answered 2 years ago

This error occurs when either the hostname (present in /etc/hostname) is incorrect or the port on which dm_oracle is running is already used by some other program. 

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