Umesh Prasad asked 2 years ago
Title : How can I enable spool on the thick client?

Question :

How can I enable spool on the thick client?

1 Answers
Kumar HarshKumar Harsh Staff answered 2 years ago

If we need to spool generated SQLs then command line option /s <spool file name with path> is required. This will create a file name at the specified path, if path is not specified then file will be generated at Siebel root bin folder.

umprasad replied 2 years ago

Are there any other options available in Siebel thick client/dedicated client?

Kumar HarshKumar Harsh Staff replied 2 years ago

There are other start up options –
/c for config file
/d for data source
/l for language
/u username
/p password
/b for browser

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