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Title : How to Back up the MDS Repository Artifacts.

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How to Back up the MDS Repository Artifacts.

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ParwezParwez Staff answered 3 years ago

Oracle SOA Suite 11g, offers a common repository forĀ  all the common artifacts , the deployed composites and the common configurations are stored in the MDS database schema. To avoid correuption of composites or related metadata, it is advisable to back up MDs repository. If somehow MDS is corrupted, you will loose deployments and em console can never work with corrupted MDS.

Backing up the MDS artifacts is the the solution for these kind of issues.

The best approach is do a full back up of MDS repository schema using database backup utilities(dbexp).The backup can be restored if there is any issue with the MDS schema.

EM console – MDS configuration Page :
Right click on soa-infra and click on Administration and MDS Configuration.
Click Export on MDS Configuration page. This will export the MDS artifacts to local machine as zip file.

We can also use wlst to achieve the same. Following steps explain using the same.

Login to SOA server through putty
Execute $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/ then execute connect() and provide the server details.

After successful connection to ServerConfig execute the below command – Change the export path accordingly.

exportMetadata(application=’soa-infra’, server=’AdminServer’,toLocation=’/apps/backup/mds/soa_mds.jar’,docs=’/**’)

This will export the MDS artifacts as jar file to the specified location.

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