Jack Rogowski asked 3 years ago
Title : How to create an agent for sending an email in OBIEE 11g?

Question :

How to create an agent for sending an email in OBIEE 11g?

1 Answers
nalinnalin Staff answered 2 years ago

Select the agent option from the new tab in the new>Actionable Intelligence. After selecting agent, in the Schedule tab change the option from never to once or daily or weekly or monthly in the drop down of frequency by changing the time period. If there is a condition, to send the report select the Use a condition and browse the report which defines true or false condition.
In the Delivery Content, after writing the subject browse the report which has to be sent to the receivers. Customize the report by filtering the columns required for the receivers’ only. Select the format and add a delivery note. In the recipients tab, write the email addresses of the receivers separately to be sent frequently. In the destinations, tick the email option, in the specific devices select email.Save the agent and run it to check whether the conditions mentioned and content has been delivered to the recipient address or not.

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