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Title : How to extend an EBO?

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How to extend an EBO?

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ParwezParwez Staff answered 3 years ago

The Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) artifacts have been designed and constructed from the ground up to have native support for extensibility. One of the capabilities of the AIA architecture is to allow for various artifacts of prebuilt integrations to be extended as needed. It also ensures that these extensions are protected during the upgrades.

Oracle AIA facilitates the extension of delivered Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs) to accommodate the introduction of industry-specific and customer-specific needs.

The EBO is extensible to meet the specific needs of an implementation. Extensions are clearly separated from the original structure of the EBO delivered by Oracle AIA so that future delivered versions will not override any extensions that have been defined.

All of the EBO extensions have been designed to reside in the extension-specific namespaces. Extensions must use their own namespace name for two reasons:

  • Each family of extensions must be distinguishable from the core components of the XML format and other extensions.

    Without providing such identification, naming conflicts might occur between different extensions or between extensions and future additions to the core specification. Hence, the customer and vertical-specific extensions each reside in their own namespace.

  • A straightforward path should exist from identifying an extension to learning more about it.

Two approaches are available for implementing extensibility:

  • Customer-specific extensions

  • Industry-specific extensions


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