Oliva Spinella asked 2 years ago
Title : How to navigate to different reports using Radio buttons??

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How to navigate to different reports using Radio buttons??

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nalinnalin Staff answered 2 years ago

• Firstly create a dashboard prompt and choose type as variable prompt for the usage of radio buttons.
• After selecting variable prompt as a prompt type edit the prompt and create a presentation variable by selecting Radio buttons in the drop down ‘User input’ field.
• Let’s say you have created a presentation variable as ‘xyz’.
• After selecting Radio Buttons in the drop down,create the required custom values for prompting the radio buttons.
• Now create a dummy report which is later used in the condition option of the section part in dashboard.
• In the dummy report, create a CASE statement with the presentation variable for navigating through different sections in the dashboard.
• Example>>CASE WHEN ‘@{xyz}’=’Fiscal Year’ then “Service ReQuest”.”DT Band” when ‘@{xyz}’=’Fiscal Quarter’ then “Service ReQuest”.”Gas Flag” when ‘@{xyz}’=’Month’ then “Service ReQuest”.”Type” end
• Here “xyz” refers to presentation variable , (Fiscal Year,Fiscal Quarter,Month refer to names of the radio buttons which were created in the variable prompt) and (“Service ReQuest”.”DT Band”,”Service ReQuest”.”Gas Flag”,”Service ReQuest”.”Type” are given as values to ‘xyz’ variable according to their number of rows).
• Create a dashboard with dashboard prompt and add reports to different sections corresponding to their prompt values.
• After adding all the sections and reports to the dashboard, pass the dummy report name in the condition of each section to open according to their prompt values .
• The condition to each section must be set according to the number of rows of the column given as a value in the CASE statement.

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