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Title : How to Purge Metadata Version History for SOA-INFRA in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

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How to Purge Metadata Version History for SOA-INFRA in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

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ParwezParwez Staff answered 3 years ago

Oracle Fusion Middleware components use metadata repositories to hold configuration information about the component and metadata for applications. MDS provide seamless metadata management from a central repository, you can manage all reference and dependent artifacts from this repository.

MDS repositories can be DB based or file based. File based repositories do not maintain version history and require no maintenance For database-based MDS repositories, you can purge the metadata version history from chosen partition. All unlabelled documents are deleted from version history except the tip(latest) version, even if it not labelled.

To purge labelled documents, you must first delete the label.

Consider purging metadata version history on a regular basis as part of MDS Repository maintenance, when you suspect that the database is running out of space or performance is becoming slower. This operation may be performance intensive, so plan to do it in a maintenance window or on off-peak hours.

purgeMetadata WLST command is used to carry out this operation. You specify the documents to be purged by using the older than parameter, specifying the number of seconds.

The following example purges all documents older than 60 seconds:

wls:/offline> connect ()
Please enter your username: weblogic
Please enter your password:
Please enter your server URL [t3://localhost:7001] or :t3://soahost:soaport
Connecting to t3://soahost:soaport with userid weblogic…
Successfully connected to managed Server ‘SOA1’ that belongs to domain ‘SOADomain’.
wls:/SOADomain/serverConfig> purgeMetadata(application=’soa-infra’, server=’SOA1′, olderThan=60)
Executing operation: purgeMetadata.
Metadata purged:Total number of versions: 3925.
Number of versions purged: 0.


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