Emilie Zigler asked 2 years ago
Title : How to resolve OOM TLA error?

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How to resolve OOM TLA error?

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ParwezParwez Staff answered 2 years ago

For multi-threaded applications where each thread allocates a lot of objects, adding and tuning Thread Local Area (TLA) size is utmost necessity. Increasing the TLA size is also beneficial when the average size of the allocated objects is large, as this allows larger objects to be allocated in the TLAs.

TLA tuning is useful for application with the following characteristics:

A multi-threaded application
Allocating a lot of objects
Allocating large objects

For R28 and post-R28 JRockit version, TLA sizes can be tuned using the following option:

the default TLA settings are:
one recommendation offered by Oracle is:
Setting -XXtlaSize:wasteLimit to the same value as -XXtlaSize:min.

But you should use trials and errors method to see what options works best for you environment.

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