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Title : How to use AIA message resubmission utility.

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How to use AIA message resubmission utility.

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ParwezParwez Staff answered 2 years ago

For the soa/aia asynchronous message exchange pattern implemented with error handling and recovery, Message Resubmission Utility be used to retry undelivered messages. A message which is not delivered to a service or component due to fault or exception rolls back to appropriate source milestone in the flow of a global transaction. This source milestone corresponds c n be a Queue or topic or Resequencer. It is here that the message will be persisted until it can be resubmitted for delivery to the service or component or deleted.

At the same time, a fault is raised by the Error Handling framework and, if enabled, error notifications and Oracle BPM Worklist tasks regarding the fault are created to alert administrators.

Once notified, the most natural course of action is for the administrator to bring up the failed service or component. Once the service or component is back up and running, the administrator can use the Message Resubmission Utility to recover the faulted message from the source milestone.

The Message Resubmission Utility changes the state of the faulted message to the Ready state, enabling it to be picked up by the consumer process.

It can be done in three ways:

1.Oracle AQ store based or
2.WLS JMS store based (can be configured with file system or db).
3.Resequencer based

Please see respective posts for details on how to use each method.

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