Reed Russell asked 3 years ago
Title : How to use Presentation variable?

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How to use Presentation variable?

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nalinnalin Staff answered 3 years ago

Presentation variables can be set while creating the prompt for a particular column and are set for editing the formulas in reports according to the client’s requirements.
Let’s suppose we need to create two prompts for Start Date, End Date by creating the presentation variables. Create a prompt for start date and end date and go to the edit option and select operator as greater than or equal to and default selection as server variable in more options .In server variable you can select as PREVIOUSM_CDAY which represents the previous day. Set a Presentation variable as “tstart”.

Similarly, for end date create a presentation variable as “tend” with server variable as CURRENT_DAY and operator as less than or equal to.

Now you can use the variables in the formulas of fact columns which are dynamic.
Also the variables in the reports which are used in the dashboard needs to be prompted so that they change according to the prompt value and present the reports accordingly.
For E.g:- (“Service Request Facts”.”# of Closed SRs”*30)/(DAYOFYEAR(@{tend})-DAYOFYEAR( @{tstart})+365*(YEAR(@{tend})-YEAR(@{tstart})) formula can be used for “No. of Closed SRs/Month”
For prompts:-
CAST(Time.Date AS date) is greater than or equal to @{tstart}
CAST(Time.Date AS date) is less than or equal to @{tend}

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