Himansi Sharma asked 2 years ago
Title : I am unable to call opcode using opcode name what could I have missed.

Question :

I am unable to call opcode using opcode name what could I have missed.

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Umesh SharmaUmesh Sharma Staff answered 2 years ago

Please verify that you have declared the opcode along-with the opcode number in a custom header file in the $BRM_HOME/include folderĀ 

The file looks like below:-

#define opcode_name_1 opcode_number_1
For example, you might create a header file named my_opcodes.h with these definitions:
#define MY_OP_SET_AGE 100001
#define MY_OP_SET_LANGUAGE 100002

After checking the same, please check if the opcode has been mappedto the opcode number using the following:-

Run the parse_custom_ops_fields Perl script by using this syntax:

parse_custom_ops_fields -L language -I input -O output -P java_package


The BRM API used. It can be pcmc (for PCM C), or pcmjava (for Java PCM).

The header file you create for your custom opcodes and fields.

The memory-mapped file or directory for the output of the script. If language is pcmjava, then output must be a directory having some correspondence with the Java package. For example, if the java_package is in com.portal.classFiles, then output must bef:/mysource/com/portal/classFiles.

The Java package, where you want to put the generated classes.

For applications written with PCM C, in the pin.conf file for each application, create an entry using this format:

– – ops_fields_extension_file ops_flds_ext

Where ops_flds_ext is the file name and location of the memory-mapped extension file that the parse_custom_ops_fields script created.

For applications written using Java PCM, add the location of the compiled Java classes that the script generated to the CLASSPATH.

Make sure you include your header file both in the application that is calling the opcode and in the custom FM.

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