Naveen Rawat asked 3 years ago
Title : How to install a (portable) Oracle SQL Developer in Windows

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How to install a (portable) Oracle SQL Developer in Windows

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Umesh SharmaUmesh Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Naveen,
Setting up Oracle SQL Developer on any machine may require less than 5 minutes provided you have access to high speed internet along with administrative rights of your machine. However if you are one of myself, working in an organization having restricted access, the portable version may be quite useful.
After googling around, i managed to create a portable version of Oracle SQL Developer 4.1 for windows platform. Below is the summary of steps (URL references) you may find useful in creating a portable version:
Step 1: Download Java (e.g. jdk-8u45-windows-i586.exe for 32-bit windows)
Step 2: Create a portable version of Java
Details of this step are nicely defined at ‘How to install a (portable) JDK in Windows without admin rights‘.
Step 3: Download Oracle SQL Developer (e.g
Step 4: Unzip the downloaded file to say ‘d:\sqldev-portable\’ folder
Step 5: Create a ‘jdk’ folder within ‘d:\sqldev-portable\sqldeveloper\’ folder
Step 6: Copy portable version of Java to the ‘jdk’ folder (as created in previous step)
Step 7: Define user directory. This is the directory where sqldeveloper will save user specific settings (on first time use). On windows the default directory for this is
c:\users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\
However since we are creating a portable version therefore it would be better that these settings are also saved relative to our ‘d:\sqldev-portable\’ folder. Now in order to override the defaults, we need to add the following line to the SQL Developer configuration file (d:\sqldev-portable\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf) (reference)
AddVMOption -Dide.user.dir=../../.sqldeveloper
Step 8: Now take a backup of ‘d:\sqldev-portable\’ folder before executing the sqldevelper.exe file (within d:\sqldev-portable\sqldeveloper\’ folder).
How to install a (portable) JDK in Windows without admin rights‘.
It recently happened to me that i was stuck at work on a Windows installation without access to admin privileges. While I could use a bunch of portable apps i could not find a portable JDK. To get a portable JDK without admin privileges in Windows you have to follow three few simple steps.
1. Download
Download the JDK from Oracle (e.g. JDK 8 8u25).
2. Extract
Open the .exe file with 7-Zip. It contains a single file, which contains all the files we need.
Extract the to the desired JDK directory (e.g. “D:\JavaJDK\”).
3. Unpack
Now we need to unpack a few files packed with pack200. We do that by executing this script in a console windows inside the JDK directory (e.g. “D:\JavaJDK\”):
1  for /R %f in (.\*.pack) do @”D:\JavaJDK\bin\unpack200″ -r -v -l “” “%f” “%~pf%~nf.jar”
Congrats you now have a working, portable JDK!Regard that you will have to adjust the path of the unpack200 binary (“D:\JavaJDK\bin\unpack200”) to your chosen directory.

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