Suresh asked 3 years ago
Title : How to remove empty tag from IO hierarchy?

Question :

How to remove empty tag from IO hierarchy?

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Kumar HarshKumar Harsh Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Suresh,
You can do the same by passing hierarchy to business service with below function and empty tags are removed.
function spanps(ps, pschildcount)
for (var i=0; i < pschildcount; i++)
var cps = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
cps = ps.GetChild(i);
var propname = cps.GetFirstProperty();
if(cps.GetProperty(propname) == “”) cps.RemoveProperty(propname);
propname = cps.GetNextProperty();
var cpschildcount = cps.GetChildCount();
if (cpschildcount > 0) spanps(cps, cpschildcount);

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