Akhilesh Sharma asked 2 years ago
Title : Unable to start soa-infra app.

Question :

Unable to start soa-infra app.

1 Answers
ParwezParwez Staff answered 2 years ago

SOA-INFRA application may not be able start up following below reasons.

  1. set both immediate and deferred audit policy MBean attributes to active. This is a known bug (13384305), and there is a patch for PS5 ( to resolve this issue, and there is also a cumulative patch (18254378) for PS4. When you encountered this issue, the Weblogic console would display the server status as “RUNNING” but SOA-INFRA wouldn’t show up in EM Console. Apply patch and soa-infra will be up.
  2. Any of the application deployments, like jca or jms adpaters may not be initialized properly, check the diagnostics logs, the reason will be apparent.
  3. Any of the soa composites’s refernce or mds data mssing and composite not deployed successfully, this will cause the unsuccessful soa-infra state.
  4. Check for any MDS missing artifacts.
  5. Check any suspended or missing data sources.


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