vivaan asked 3 years ago
Title : Is there a way to tune Workflow Process Manager for Performance

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Tuning Workflow Process Manager 

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anubhavanubhav Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Vivaan, There are two general approaches to tune and optimize performance of Workflow Process Manager

Caching Business Services 

Business services invoked through Workflow Process Manager must have the Cache property set to TRUE. This feature makes it possible for the Workflow engine to not reload and reparse the business service, and therefore enhances the performance of workflows that invoke business services.

NOTE:  Predefined Siebel business services that have the Cache property set to FALSE must not be reset to TRUE.

Caching Sessions

The parameter OM – Model Cache Maximum (alias ModelCacheMax) for Workflow Process Manager determines the size of the cache for model objects (also known as cached sessions). Cached sessions maintain database connections and session data for locale, user preferences, and access control.

NOTE:  Session caching applies only to non-interactive Object Manager-based server components like Workflow Process Manager. It does not apply to Siebel Application Object Manager or EAI Object Manager components.

This feature maintains and reuses existing sessions rather than creating a new session each time one is requested. Using this feature can improve login performance for Workflow Process Manager.

Each model in the cache creates two database connections for the life of the model (one connection for insert, update, and delete operations; the other connection for read-only operations).

The default value is 10. A value of 0 disables this parameter. The maximum value is 100. In general, you set ModelCacheMax to a value approximately equal to the number of concurrent sessions the Workflow Process Manager component is expected to support.

NOTE:  When component sessions use multiple user IDs, session caching provides less benefit relative to its cost. The benefit is greatest for component sessions using the same user ID.

Happy Tuning!

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