Services that help you strategize, optimize and manage.

The business case for a well designed and well defined CRM program is a strong one, but coming up with one that suits your business needs perfectly is a daunting task. We help you simplify this task with a bouquet of wide-ranging consulting services.

When it comes to aligning your companies value and service offerings with the nitty-gritties of its daily operation, or the deciphering of a complex and hard to identify business problem that can be solved through an effective CRM programme, CUbastion’s CRM Process Consulting services come to your rescue.

If you are facing the challenge or a non-optimized CRM program deployment or a unreasonable cost component in your current IT implementation, Cubastion’s Product Evaluation services would be of great value to you.

To manage the delivery of your businesses value proposition to its customers, Cubastion’s Retail Consulting is what you need.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.