Rules – The key to enable independent decision making and empower your business.

Avoid writing lengthy codes to implement complex validation and bypass the need for continuous (and often debilitating) IT involvement. OPA (formerly Haley Rule) offers a powerful pre-integrated business rule engine with Siebel to mimic human intelligence and we bring these capabilities to you with our service offering. This will empower you to implement complex rules for your CRM application.

This is a critical ancillary technology in the Siebel CRM IT landscape for the Public Sector (facilitating public administration), Insurance (claim processing) and Manufacturing (complex warranty rules).

The Cubastion Siebel team offers OPA as an integral services offering, be it deploying the Siebel-OPA connector, customizing it for your business needs, or training your business staff in writing rules.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.