A big feature, in a small package.

This nifty little bolt-on that we have added to our Siebel reportoire allows you to include integrated calling capabilities in the form of an on-screen pop-up. Since it works from within Siebel, every call handled through our driver also augments your customer data as the call information is directly available to Siebel, without the need for importing the from a third-party application.

The Cubastion’s Siebel CTI Driver ties in with your telephony hardware and eliminates the need for navigation across multiple windows – thus allowing agents to receive as well as place calls to customers, using Siebel itself a a soft-phone.

Reduce your AHT (agent handling time).By using intelligent workflows to identify relevant pop-up based IVR input, this little feature can greatly enhance your agent capabilities and efficiency.

Save on expensive expert services from product companies for CTI connector. We own driver IP and our experts can further customize it for your unique needs, if required.

The ready to plug-in Siebel CTI connector is available for major telephony infrastructures from Avaya, CISCO.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.