Stay connected – and leverage your extended reach.

Plug-in the Cubastion Social Media Connector for Siebel and your CRM is ready to seamlessly talk with all major social media operators.

It is a robust connector built using native Siebel integration capabilities. It keeps you on the cutting edge of the modern technology landscape where “social” is not just a key word but a key enabler. It opens up this exciting domain of technology to enable your Social CRM strategy within your existing Siebel CRM deployment.

  • Define your automation
  • Launch integrated campaigns to fans and followers
  • Link your contact with a social profile
  • Increase service reach, address grievances

Leverage your Siebel native features to use build process automation in same way as you do it for other CRM processes.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.