>> Siebel Upgrade from to Siebel Innovation Pack 15 by Cubastion in just 5 weeks



Landscape of the Automobile Industry

Across the world, the automobile industry is growing at a breakneck speed. The competition has increased manifold. Consequently, better sales tracking, vehicle service, and customer relationship management have become vital to retain customers. In this respect, Siebel software upgraded by Cubastion exactly serves the purpose as the up-gradation makes the client’s existing Dealer Management System (DMS)across its dealer network all the most robust.

This case study explores how Cubastion has successfullyaccomplished the up-gradation of Siebel to Siebel Innovation Pack 15 within a time constraint of just five weeks.

Client Background

The company is a popular brand of luxury and commercial cars based in India with a worldwide client base. It is a subsidiary of a German automobile company and has thousands of employees.

Need of Siebel IP 15Upgrade

Cubastion Consulting has helped multiple clients in the automobile industry to meet the changing requirements within the given deadlines. Being a Gold partner of Oracle Siebel,Cubastion successfully upgraded its previously developed Siebel software to the latest Siebel IP 15.

Some of the key objectives behind this major upgrade are as follows:

  • To achieve an improvement in performance of application navigation, report generation, data loading and query operations.
  • To offer a better user experience at par to the customers with modern interfaces facilitated by many cutting-edge applications.
  • To facilitate the dealer sales team with an enhanced adoption and productivity.
  • To improve software security and reduction ofdevelopment downtime.


Approach for Siebel Upgrade

When the reputed automobile company contacted Cubastion to get an up-gradation of its existing DMS to an improved version i.e. Siebel IP 15, the highly experienced professionals approached the task with a certain set of objectives:

  • Smooth rollover
  • Minimal development downtime
  • User adoption and familiarization
  • Zero conflicts

Hence, a team of 7 professionals came together and approached in the following ways in a record time of just 5 weeks.


Upgrade Approach
Database Upgrade – There was a complete database up-gradation and data migration from Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c.
Application Upgrade – The application server was flawlessly upgraded from to Siebel Innovation Pack 15.
BI Publisher Upgrade – The talented professionals of Cubastion upgraded BI Publisher, a product of Oracle Corporation to increase the functionality of Siebel IP 15. This tool enables the client to receive interactive market reports from the dealer.
Customized Theme – There was even customization of the theme for a better look and feel with self-explanatory theme icons.


Key Highlights of the DMS Upgrade by Cubastion

The DMS upgrade from Siebel to Siebel Innovation Pack-15 encompasses several highlights which are listed as below:

  • 8 hours downtime during zero load time
  • Sufficient User Acceptability Testing i.e. UAT for quick user adoption and seamless functioning of all the existing elements.
  • Customization of theme and creation of a dedicated login page.


Key Benefits delivered by the upgraded DMS
Increased User Adoption

Our service aids in an increased user adoption by letting the sales team of the client an opportunity to access the open user interface of the DMS by mobile devices.
User Personalization

Business users are facilitated by user personalization i.e. they can change the screen layout of the DMS for a better visual appeal as per their individual preferences.
Increased Loading Speed & Productivity
The loading speed is increased which leads to a major boost in the overall productivity thereby helping the company to achieve soaring sale figures.

Moreover, Cubastion came out as a company that has a motivated team of professionals who are quick in software upgrade and are familiar with all the complexities involved in such a major upgrade. In short, the company has triumphed in accomplishing an unimaginable task within an extremely short timeframe.

Cubastion is among a very small number of specialized Siebel CRM Oracle Gold Partners in SME.