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Landscape of the automobile industry


Across the world, there is now an unbelievable car culture. The automobile companies are experiencing a major shift in customer expectations. Connectivity is becoming a key factor in high-end cars. The major challenge before the automobile companies hence remains in connecting the car owners to their cars, offering varied service packages round the clock. In this respect, Oracle Communication Stack implemented by Cubastion exactly caters to this burning need of the automobile companies. It makes connectivity easier along with streamlining the entire operational workflow that goes in the backend with the same.


This case study explores how the Oracle communication stack implemented for the high-end cars of an automobile company became a successful event.


Client Background


The client is a multinational automobile company based in America with its manufactured high model cars sold in multiple countries worldwide. It is a subsidiary of a popular Korean automobile company and is currently employing millions of employees.


Need of Connected Car Solutions


Cubastion Consulting in the past has earlier helped numerous clients to meet the changing needs while minimizing the hassles involved. Since customer expectations are soaring and connectivity is the new buzzword, automobile companies are now opting for enhancing the existing features and adding attractive service packages to lure their customers. A changing market and an increased need to offer such demanding service have also played a big role in opting for Siebel software for high-end cars. Since Cubastion is the Gold partner of Oracle for more than five years, the company successfully offered a robust solution to the premier automobile company.


Implement custom-built Oracle Communication Stack


When a leading automobile company approached Cubastion to get a connected car solution for its high-end cars, the competent professionals wasted no time to implement the highly customized oracle communication stack to offer the desired connectivity with integration to cloud based web app &mobile apps.


Cubastion built the entire back-end infrastructure for customer management, subscriptions (enrollment, upgrade, downgrade, renewal & cancellation) and billing process utilizing the Oracle Siebel’s robust Product Catalog and Order Management, Oracle SOA Application Integration Architecture Pre-built Industry Processes (PIPs) fully integrated with Oracle Billing & Revenue Management. The entire solution securely exposed to outer world utilizing CA API GW to enable third party integration.


The solution is PCI compliant and is integrated with the Payment Merchant and Tax software. It also provides an integrated Call Center Solution which gives the Call Center Agent a 360-degree view of the Customer, their vehicles, preferences, and associated subscription and billing information. Cubastion provides the 16×7 technical support to manage and operate the complete solution.


Cubastion implemented turnkey Siebel, OBRM and AIA implementation in record time of less than 110 days for the automobile client’s US division, and 16×7 five-year support to manage complete operations. Successfully implemented, enhancing and support their telematics CRM landscape.


Source (www.cubastion.com)


Exclusive Service Packages Catering To Varied Customer Needs


Cubastion professionals faced a multitude of challenges while incorporating exclusive connected car add-on packages for the high-end car buyers. The packages were very comprehensively designed to meet the needs of the client and provide the end user with a world class telematics experience.


Special Add-on Features for Customer Benefits


We successfully incorporated another remarkable functionality of Proration as per which a customer is charged only for the duration for which the car service packagesare used i.e. in case of any cancellation of the plan or service package, the fee amount of the remaining duration is prorated.


We also made inclusion of promotional codeslike variety of discountsor an extra subscription period to expand the customer base for high-end cars.


Multiple Benefits of this implementation


Our implementation serving Connected Car Solutions aids in the creation of different car add-on services like emergency services ,remote access, stolen vehicle recovery, car care, speed alert and much more into different packages. This allows the company to offer their services round the clock as per different needs of their customers i.e. offering a more customer-centric service. Further, the customization of Oracle Communication Stack enables the company to have smooth payment integration and a dedicated call center supportwhere the staff can view basic customer details, billing and package details to activate the subscription as per the customer request or preference.


Moreover, Cubastion has the required expertise in developing, customizing and implementing Oracle communication stack as per varied needs of different automobile companies. In short, the company achieves remarkable success in addressing the client needs and in delivering a fantastic experience for its customers that makes the client’s high-end cars all the more attractive and desirable in the market.


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